SJGA Partners with Granite Fitness and Performance

SJGA Partners with Granite Fitness & Performance

The Seacoast Junior Golf Academy is partnering with Granite Fitness and Performance of Dover to provide indoor and winter training programs for SJGA golfers. This includes:

Fitness Partner: Granite Fitness & PerformanceGroup Training Program

Golfers will train as a group with certified strength coaches with an emphasis on golf-specific flexibility and core strengthening exercises. Athletes will also learn a daily workout routine that they can practice at home to maximize performance.

Swing Program

Utilizing a Foresight GC3 simulator, and with instruction from a certified golf professional, we will focus on ensuring that each club is fitted properly to the athlete. Swing analysis will also allow our juniors to dial in their technique and hit the courses in the spring with improved form.

Simulator Tourney Golf

Simulator matches are a fun way to approach team tournament play. Using one of our two GC3 simulators, groups play competitively on one of the many courses the GC3 provides.

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